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The Big Picture

Verificationist - Manhattan Fact checking, editing, and researching.A publishing house is forced to recall 200,000 copies of a bestseller, suffering a blow to its reputation and bottom line. A fabled radio program has to backtrack from one of its most high-profile stories. A political candidate makes bold but wholly inaccurate claims, sending his party scrambling to spin his statements. One of the most widely-read, up-and-coming Washington reporters presides over a kingdom of fabrications so vast that his downfall is optioned by Hollywood. The 24/7 news cycle, the content-ravenous Internet, our gotcha culture, and an unprecedentedly polarized cultural and political landscape has made accuracy and reliability more important than ever – and the lack thereof more costly. That’s where Verificationist comes in. With a background in law and media, and experience working for some of the top names in books and journalism, we will ensure that your articles, books, speeches, campaign items, and other materials hide no gaffes. We also offer original research and editing services, with fee schedules tailored to meet your needs.

If you believe you don’t need fact-checking, think again. As a rule, publishing houses don’t fact-check on the assumption that their authors are experts. However, the expertise that goes into crafting an argument or an artful sentence has nothing to do with the expertise that makes sure quotations appear where they should, and no facts go borrowed. (The New Yorker keeps more than a dozen fact-checkers on staff – its authors are experts, too.)

Be wise. Invest in an insurance policy instead of paying the price later. We look forward to helping you elevate your product to the highest journalistic standards and sending it into the world with true peace of mind.